Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dave's Cafe, One Utama

Yeah, it was dinner time and it was our celebration together. So, I've brought my gf to Dave's Cafe @ One Utama.
We ordered this..I've forgot the name but it's some salad with Pork Strips in it. It cost RM19 for an appetizer be it's something you must try if u happens to walk in.

Deep Fried Pork Knuckle
I ordered this for my main course and for me...it taste averagely but not disappointed. Its crispy on the outside and the meats are succulent inside. Yet,  I should have ordered the baby back ribs which it has been the all time favorites. This cost a RM54 excluding taxes.
Guiness Lamb Shank
My gf ordered Lamb Shank and it doesn't taste like it sounds. It's not recommended for any 1st timer and it disappointed the taste bud of mine. It cost RM41 and it does not worth the money. Anyway, dinner for both of us are way happy although we ordered Iced Lemon Tea for our drink and no dessert for the over stuff stomach. 

Try It Out at Your Own Risk~~!! It worth the money...

Friday, August 20, 2010

I've got myself Samba

Since I'm now representing Adidas in doing their sales and it's more appropriate to wear something with its brand. So, I've got myself a pair of Samba. It's in White and Gold with Size 11. It also cost me a price of RM299.
adidas Samba

Interested??? Email me to ask for details....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Serai @ Empire Shopping Complex

Our friend Althena visited us from JB last weekend. So, we had our gathering at Sunway Pyramid having lunch at Pasta Zanmai. Then, we had our shopping spree since its the Carnival Sale. 

Then, dinner was at a restaurant named Serai @ Empire Shopping Complex, Subang. Serai is also known as Lemongrass.
Serai @ Empire Shopping Complex
Kasturi Lime with Mint Leaves
I ordered this Kasturi Lime with Mint for my choice of drink. Althena ordered this as well and it's good with its cooling effect of the mint leaves.

Serai Nasi Lemak
It was really crowded that night and we didn't make any reservations but the kind Lady Boss spared us a reserved table. 
So, I ordered Nasi Lemak which I thought it will be easily serve. They kindly served along with the fried chicken with special spices and prawn sambal with egg and cucumber. The fried chicken was awesome and it's served with the price of RM 15 with tax excluded.

Serai Platter
My gf ordered this, Serai Platter which it was served with spiced fried chicken, deep fried honey squids and braised lamb calves. It's also served with achar (vege pickles). It cost RM 25 with tax excluded.

The Assam Drink
The Assam Drink which SinKeat ordered was not as expected. It taste differently from the Assam Jawa drink.

Serai Seafood Marinara
SK as well shared this one with Althena where they were saving their stomach for signature dish which I'll introduce in the next picture in a very serious manner.
Berry Pavlova
The Signature "Berry Pavlova" served end of our meal and this is the best dessert I ever had....I swear!!! I'm someone who are not really into cakes but after this piece where we shared till the very last bit and I'm still craving for more. It's a bit costly, RM 16/pc  but it really worth the money. Remember, don't doubt trying this....you'll be In-Loved with the whole cake.

Address/ Contact:

Qistina Taff
+6012 286 9441
Serai Group Sdn Bhd
LG37 Lower Ground, 
Empire Shopping Gallery,
 Jalan SS16/1, 
47500 Subang Jaya, 
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Telephone: +603 5637 0706

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation

Resident Evil : Afterlife 3D

If I were Alice, no doubt that I'll keep Umbrella Corporation always there without destroying it even if I could. Why?? Still dare to ask why?? If Umbrella Corporation being destroyed, means Milla Jovovich aka Alice won't be appear in anymore Resident Evil in the future and there will only be computers controlling characters like in the video games.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pineapple Fried Rice @ Melaka for dinner..

My dinner in the hotel....

I blog this while I'm having my delicious dinner on the hotel bed watching Travel and Livings where Andrew Zimmern is having a whole goat head including the eye balls. That did not disgust me and it added some more taste to my fried rice. Not to forget, the Fried Rice is damn cheap...It's only RM4.50 with an extra egg added.