Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Elephant, Section 17, PJ

Thai food is indeed exotic and you can't even make a prediction how it taste. It's also one of the food that use/mix spices and cook them together. Spicy and sourish taste are the most common to be appeared in Thai foods. My Elephant which is located below the flats in Section 17, PJ.
My Elephant
Dinner Time
Dinner time is always full with peoples that goes for family gathering or celebrations. Make sure reservations are made to prevent from not being seated.
Decoration of the restaurant.
Yum Mamuang
This is actually Thai salad which comes along with the mixture of green mango for its sourness, assorted vegetables, prawn , squids and myElephant's spicy dressings.This cost RM10 and it's superb for a before dinner appetizer.
Gaeng Phet Yaeng
Roasted duck curry with seasonal fruits such as Lychee/Pineapple/Rambutan/Avocado. Undeniable, this is superbly nice with rice which the duck meats are succulent in the spicy curry soup. This dish even come in 2 sizes; small for RM30 and big for RM50.
Snow Fish
Snow Fish aka Salt Baked Fish. This comes with their signature green chilli sauce and it's also one of the best seller. For this one, 30 minutes are needed for the preparation after its ordered. There are some garlics, lemon grass and some special leaves being stuff into the fish stomach to get rid of the fish's staleness. RM45 is being charged for this dish.
Jasmine Rice with Brown Rice
Rice are served in the mixture of Jasmine and Brown rice. It's chargeable for RM3 per serving.

C-G-4, Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13.
Section 17, PJ,

Business Hour:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Friday: Lunch(12pm till 2:30pm)
                          Dinner(6pm till 10pm)

Saturday & Sunday: Lunch(12pm till 2:30pm)
                              Dinner(6pm till 10pm)
*Set lunch are only available on weekdays. 

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