Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What a Night??

It's been a good companion from Absinthe+Tuak+Chang Beer!! Everyone is with their own personal problems...Drinking ain't a solution for everything but it may turns up the mood temporarily. It's happy with close friends having such craziness. Listening old song soothes out the mood. I wish you were around, locking you is not an option but seeing u happy is a pleasure. Seeing your replies is another happiness. Your returns really cheer me up. I hope rainbow would be appearing soon in our life. Filled with colors, lighten up our paths ahead. I missed you.Badly!!....

Monday, July 25, 2011

This is what called TRUE LOVE!!

This is what u called True Love. I believe I could do so too....Someday!!!

Deep..and It's getting Deeper!!!

It's been a while since this has been going on. I'm sure it will get going, I don't mind hitting the concrete walls, the metal gate or even through hell..I'll be coming back after I recovered. It's not a shame it's just the determination you gave me. I wanted this since long time ago...It has been disappeared after the previous scenes.

Now, I always wanted new scenes, new scenes with both of us. I don't mind waiting, I didn't hope the flowers do really blossoms but I only hope you're happy. Looking at your smile making me melts. I'll lend u shoulders when you're sad, when you're sleepy and even anytime u needed it. You makes me crazier than ever. No one ever makes me feels this way ever. I cheated you just for certain reasons but I just want to see your darlie-like smiles. You polished my life, I never felt so glazed. I do mind about your daily, hourly, it's every seconds when the clock ticks. I tried not to disturb your daily routine and I hope I can but seeing you from far is just how to make my heart melts. When you're sick, I could cook u porridge, when you're feeling down, I could make myself a clown, when I see you, I'm happy to see you smile.

It's undeniable, I'm really deep in troubles, troubles pulling my self of this wonderful black hole? It's showing rainbows even it's at night, it's growing mushrooms even it's not after the midnight rain. I hope u can renovate my life...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Malayan Tigers shot down By UK Gunners

 I wasn't a fan of this Harimau Malaya (Malaysian Soccer Team) but when comes to against M.U 's rival Arsenal, I do support them and some of the player esp. this S.Kunalan. He's damn fast and competent as a left wing.
I reached Stadium Bukit Jalil about 10 mins after the game started. Even though, there're still crowd going through the gates. Impressively, 1Malaysia spirit still lies beneath them where nobody is pushing around.
We started the game with a HM 0 - 1 Ars. Ramsey scored the first penalty where we missed while still in the jam. Then Walcott scored the 2nd goal followed by Carlos Vegas on the 3rd on the 59th mins. With no doubt , Rosicky end the game with one last goal make it HM 0 - 4 to Arsenal. 

Crowds on my right
Crowds on my left
The crowds cheered like there is really no tomorrow. Impressive once again but still lost to H.M - M.U 2 years back where there's peoples shouting 'Anchor' asking the player to come out again.

Spirit of 1Malaysia. They shakes their hands and we clapped our...LOL

How good if there were much of participants last "Saturday". I didn't really enjoy the game where I almost dozed of at the last 10-15 mins due to boredness...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

090711, Disastrous Yet Meaningful Day!!

Fire In The Hole!!

Yet peoples are not losing...We fight till the end....It was a 50k-60k crowds and might be increasing if  there were not obstacles from the 1M PDRM and FRUs...They've return most of our tax money..but that was through tear gases and water cannon. It's bearable with such lil pains for the sake of next generation. They literally teared Tong Shin Hospital with gas. HOSPITAL!! Are you out of your freaking mind? We came in peace without any weapons or chaos created but you've treated us like terrorist. Wake Up!! Wake up!! we need REFORMASI~~!!!!!