Thursday, July 14, 2011

Malayan Tigers shot down By UK Gunners

 I wasn't a fan of this Harimau Malaya (Malaysian Soccer Team) but when comes to against M.U 's rival Arsenal, I do support them and some of the player esp. this S.Kunalan. He's damn fast and competent as a left wing.
I reached Stadium Bukit Jalil about 10 mins after the game started. Even though, there're still crowd going through the gates. Impressively, 1Malaysia spirit still lies beneath them where nobody is pushing around.
We started the game with a HM 0 - 1 Ars. Ramsey scored the first penalty where we missed while still in the jam. Then Walcott scored the 2nd goal followed by Carlos Vegas on the 3rd on the 59th mins. With no doubt , Rosicky end the game with one last goal make it HM 0 - 4 to Arsenal. 

Crowds on my right
Crowds on my left
The crowds cheered like there is really no tomorrow. Impressive once again but still lost to H.M - M.U 2 years back where there's peoples shouting 'Anchor' asking the player to come out again.

Spirit of 1Malaysia. They shakes their hands and we clapped our...LOL

How good if there were much of participants last "Saturday". I didn't really enjoy the game where I almost dozed of at the last 10-15 mins due to boredness...

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