Monday, July 25, 2011

Deep..and It's getting Deeper!!!

It's been a while since this has been going on. I'm sure it will get going, I don't mind hitting the concrete walls, the metal gate or even through hell..I'll be coming back after I recovered. It's not a shame it's just the determination you gave me. I wanted this since long time ago...It has been disappeared after the previous scenes.

Now, I always wanted new scenes, new scenes with both of us. I don't mind waiting, I didn't hope the flowers do really blossoms but I only hope you're happy. Looking at your smile making me melts. I'll lend u shoulders when you're sad, when you're sleepy and even anytime u needed it. You makes me crazier than ever. No one ever makes me feels this way ever. I cheated you just for certain reasons but I just want to see your darlie-like smiles. You polished my life, I never felt so glazed. I do mind about your daily, hourly, it's every seconds when the clock ticks. I tried not to disturb your daily routine and I hope I can but seeing you from far is just how to make my heart melts. When you're sick, I could cook u porridge, when you're feeling down, I could make myself a clown, when I see you, I'm happy to see you smile.

It's undeniable, I'm really deep in troubles, troubles pulling my self of this wonderful black hole? It's showing rainbows even it's at night, it's growing mushrooms even it's not after the midnight rain. I hope u can renovate my life...

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