Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Adidas(M) Sdn Bhd Appreciation Dinner @ The Gardens

New Toy is on board....
Sony NEX-3A
Lucky Draw 2nd Prize and Door Gift

I've attended and appreciation dinner by Adidas(M) @ The Gardens, MidValley last nite (13/12/2010). Every guest was given door gifts with contains a Mp3 Player courtesy of Sony(M) Sdn Bhd and an Adidas Shoes Bag. The theme for that night was Teen Idol and coincidently my hair looks like TaeYang...LOL~~!! *shame*....Anyway, 3 lucky prizes was sponsored by Sony includes:- 1 unit of Media Player(3rd Prize)....A camera, NEX-3A(2nd Prize) and a Sony Bravia LCD TV(Grand Prize).  Am I just lucky or what?? I've been summoned when Henry Golding(host) called number 3 which is the number printed on my lucky draw card. I'm drawn...Yes, I am!!! I was still peeling the shell of the prawn while my number was drawn...what a shame.?? I'm shock after all and Thanks to Henry....


  1. Great!! I am feeling jealous... next time you find such a party, do grab an invitation card for me too :D